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Our Cover for Take Me With You


HE DID NOT FIGHT THEM; he just let them lead him to the town square as the bindings around his wrists bit into flesh. His feet were bare; they had taken his boots and clothes and had forced him into a roughly woven shapeless shift that left his ankles vulnerable to the cold wind that whipped at his skin and hair. A hard rain had pummeled the village of Gloucester through the night, ceasing as a weak morning sun tried to come out and failed.

The sheriff’s soldiers pushed him forward as people gathered, standing silent and gawking at him. As he sloshed through the muddy quagmire, a little boy ran up and spat on him. He knew the boy, a merchant’s son, a merchant who had always shown him a friendly face. He looked up at the crowd and saw the father’s face with a disapproving frown etched there.

The normal busy activities of the marketplace had ceased, and ahead was a pole sunk into the bare earth. Wood lay in piles. He did not struggle; just looked down. They tied him to the pole and hauled the wood to surround him up to his hips.

I made my way through the crowd, panting and pushing people out of my way. They took one look at me and gasped, moving away, murmuring and upset. A woman screamed. My attire was not medieval at all. Nothing about me, including my short auburn hair fit into the time and the place.

I reached the front of the pyre, and unlike the villagers, the executioners ignored me as they added straw and flame.

The hungry flames caught the dry wood fast.

“I am here,” I shouted.

He raised his head and our eyes met. He jolted and sucked in his breath. “How…? They said you were dead!”

The wind fanned the flames, soon to reach my beloved’s body. He coughed from the smoke, shook his head to try to clear his eyes, and said, “Alice?”
“Yes, I am here to take you away.”

“No, … wait. Your clothes, your hair … Why does thee look like that?” He coughed again. “You are not Alice. Who art thou?”

“Yes, I am Alice and I am here to save thee.”


SHAKTI AND THE PRINCE, Enslavement of a Planet


430, 000 Years ago, Planet Earth Time

123,000 Shars ago, Nibiru Time

PRINCE ENKI’S HEAD ACHED. He had just returned from his mission on Earth to report his progress to Anu and the Council, jubilant with anticipation and excited to report his amazing find on the new planet.

His enthusiasm was not about his discovery of abundant gold, the reason for the mission in the first place, or his improved reputation for being the one who found it. Nor was it about the wonders of the planet, rich in so much more than rocks and glittery stones.

Shakti and the Prince by Phoenix No, his news was that the wonderful planet was inhabited!

No one knew.

More valuable than all the gold in the world, those inhabitants were magical people who had touched him deeply. He prided himself in being a scientist, even though he knew he was really a hopeless romantic. But that did not explain how Shakti had touched him in a way that had never happened to him before — for any reason.

He could have called it love, or respect, or adoration. But he finally decided it was some kind worship and the thought of her and her people destroyed caused his heart and head to feel like they would explode.

His find was now in danger — his brother said he would kill them all.

Prince Enki vowed that he would save them. Yes, he would. Even if he had to kill his own brother.

COMING SOON: The Clan of the Cave Bear meets The Da Vinci Code meets The X Files.