Thank You

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Allassar, Ruthie, and Bubbles, Members of the Phoenix Fan Club

On behalf of Phoenix, we wanted to thank you for subscribing to the blog here. We hope you enjoy the flash fiction and other random amusements that they get themselves into.


Allassar, Ruthie, and Bubbles

The Phoenix Fan Club.

Oh. Big Bad Hat, one of our more rowdy members, wanted a word with you.

Big Bad Hat Member of our Fan Club
Big Bad Hat

Yeah. Actually, this is a message to Phoenix. . Your character, Nick? In Leon’s Lair? The spoiled, rich, Greek kid? You shouldn’t write about such a JERK of a guy. Your fans are going to hate him. He really pisses me off. Peter should just punch his lights out. I mean, Jane should go for Peter, not Nick, because he’s the cool one. Fans will love Peter. He’s smart and really knows what he’s doing. And Nick is being such a rat.

You know what? That’s it! I’m going to go kick his butt, right now.

Big Bad Hat