A WHISPER FROM EDEN, Historical Fantasy: A Visionary Saga Spanning Time and Space, an American Indian Tribe Being Influenced by Two Ancient Societies from Another Galaxy.

In Ancient times there was a battle between good and evil on Earth and there was a promise. Was the promise kept? Be inspired by a story that you will not forget

A Whisper from Eden is legends, magic, romance, wild vistas of North Dakota, Saskatchewan, Wyoming and Alaska in the nineteenth century, and the result of extensive research.

The book took twenty years to write, written a lyrical style that will move you to laugh, cry, and wonder — did that really happen?  Be inspired by a story that you will not forget soon.

In Ancient Times, there was a battle between good and evil on Earth, and there was a promise made by the god, savior, and hero of the exotic Mandan tribe of North America, the great Lone Man who came from the stars.



5.0 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT.
“I loved, loved, loved the concept of this book. I am a Native American at heart and also believe there is more to the universe AND that we CAN change the damage done to our people’s and planet. Please read this book and take it to heart. Pay attention and you too can be a part of peace on earth.”

“I loved this novel. Its scope is immense; it is a unique fantastical view of Native American history – yet plausible to those who believe in the power of the spirit. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Cover for Leon's Lair

LEON’S LAIR, An International Thriller/Contemporary Fantasy: A modern romantic thriller with a paranormal twist, a continental adventure with action, suspense.



Here are some reviews from advance readers, all 5 stars.

A Great Read
This is a fun, lighthearted read. If you like vampires and you like pirates you’re going to love this one. And then they kick it up a notch and you’ll love it even more.

A Paranormal Thrill Ride!
If you are looking for an adventure in the palm of your hand this book is a MUST read. The authors take you to a paradise beyond belief, where just under the surface there lies centuries of struggle between good and evil. This book truly has it all, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, and just enough insanity to make your mind spin! Very well written, with many twist and turns. This book pulls in you and keeps you there, so much that you just can’t put it down, you must know what happens to the characters next! This is one big emotional roller coaster.
You will get very attached to the characters and feel their ups and downs, to the point I even had sympathy for the villain! I really hope they intend to have more adventures with these characters because I am just not ready to let them go!

Packed with Story
This story is packed and I really mean packed with thrills, twists and layers. The writing is adventurous as you get to peek inside the paranormal heads and their prey as the story progresses. The story has it all. Lots of scary, lots of good stuff and lots of story.

Great Page-Turning Story
Leon’s Lair was a quick-paced read that kept me engaged. I like a book that I can’t put down because the story is exciting. I like that it included the paranormal. It was a modern love story with a paranormal twist. The writing was descriptive and fit the book well. At first I believed there would only be “Leon’s group of vampires”, but I was delighted to find other vampires and witches and it was great to see that Remy, herself, discovered she was a witch.

The love story between Jane and Peter was very realistic. Peter was the hero of this book, with a wealth of knowledge of how to get things done (who wouldn’t want a man like that). I also liked that it was set in present day, as that moved the story forward. I also loved Remy and Wolf.
This didn’t take long to read and it actually kept me up “past my bedtime” several nights because I wanted to discover what would happen next. I love stories like that. I was actually sad to have the book end. I feel this could be a “series” if fleshed out a little more for some other characters: Remy and Wolf and the Foundation of Paranormals.
I was privileged to have read this in advance, courtesy of the writers. THANK YOU! I look forward to reading other works.

What a ride!
I decided I needed a break from my usual reads that are Business and How-To books. I got in for an unusual ride to say the least. I’m no fan of vampire stories but I got sunk deep into the flow and frankly couldn’t put the book down. The introduction of each character is such that you feel instant friendliness or antipathy. These people are either good or bad. And I mean, real good or real bad. Each scenery is precisely depicted and I was right there living it. I almost felt sea-sick during the tornado and had to look at my arms a bit later to ensure I hadn’t caught any mosquito bites. The book starts a bit slow but soon picks up speed and lets you panting as numerous aspects of the story develop. Warning: unexpected twists will keep you turning the pages and miss bedtime.


My Beloved Ghost smaller


Jake Priestly is under terrible pressure. He is the foreman for a job in the Amazon, logging a large area of land for a large corporation. As he is sitting contemplating the mess, he becomes distracted and lured into the rainforest. He runs into something that changes his miserable life.

This short story is a modern take on Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest (1904) by William Henry Hudson, with a haunting new twist and a very different ending.