How to Kill a Werewolf – True or False?

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FROM: You probably already know how to kill a werewolf, even if you don’t realize it. Unlike vampires, werewolves don’t have specific methods that need to be used to kill them. That doesn’t mean it’s an easy task, though. Werewolves can be killed through a various number of methods, much like humans. Getting hit […]

Looking for Beta Readers

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We have a few beta readers, but are looking for some more for LEON’S LAIR. The perks are a coffee cup with the cover of the book on it, a free Kindle version when it is published, and your name in the acknowledgements of the book if you wish. Here is a description: LEON’S LAIR […]

Progress Report

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Writing can be such solitary work, exciting but lonely. So having a co-writer is an amazing experience. We work on it together, and sometimes there are arguments, but mostly it really works. Gary is brilliant writer and works out amazing plot twists. I love how his mind works. He is the one who mostly created […]

Whew! Done.

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OKAY! 600 pages done. Whew! Gary and I are doing a last read-through before sending to beta readers for feedback. We are at page 150. If you are interested in possibly being a beta reader, let us know. There are some cool perks to doing that. Below is a description of the story. We would […]

Happy Birthday

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Sunday is my co-author and husband’s birthday. Gary Jordan will be 69. In no way does he act or look like someone that age. His body just obeys his commands. If he is busy, he can go without food, sleep and in no way is he affected. I am so jealous because my body acts […]