MEETING – Flash Fiction by Phoenix

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A blast of stale air blew into the station ahead of the train, almost on time for a change. As usual the same cast of characters edged closer to the still closed doors, anticipating the whoosh-thump of the portal opening. The crowds started packing tighter and tighter, not pushing and shoving but contracting their personal […]

A Review of Leon’s Lair

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Hi Folks. Here are a couple of wonderful reviews on Amazon for Leon’s Lair: 5 Stars – Leon’s Not a “Sparkly” Vampire What a thrill ride! This book is very well written. The back story is very well done. The Phoenix are a team that write books that transport you to the world they create. […]

Review – B.V. Larson – Science Fiction

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<A HREF=””> Widgets< Reading is a major part of our life, as is writing. We like all genres, just as I do, but Gary especially likes science fiction. He had ordered a whole series on our Kindle and kept saying how much he liked the Undying Mercenary Series and moved on to the Star Force […]

The Phoenix

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The phoenix, a fabulous bird connected with the worship of the sun, especially in ancient Egypt and in classical antiquity. The phoenix was said to have resembled an eagle, but was larger and had brilliant scarlet and gold plumage and a melodious cry. Only one phoenix existed at a time, and was very long-lived – […]