Phoenix, Lee and Gary Jordan, co-authors

Hello. We are Lee & Gary Jordan, co-authors of speculative fiction with a light touch.

We are just a couple of old fogies who love to write.

Wait. That’s not right. An old fogey is defined as a very conservative, outdated person. We’ re anything but that. Our Muse has begged us to break the shackles of genre and let our imaginations run FREE, to write entertaining stories that let readers escape into unique places.

So our tales defy strict category and may contain a mix of genre, such as fantasy, romance, science fiction, action and adventure, mystery and even some occult. Most of them take place in our real world but bend reality.

Why? Because normal reality is boring.

So we have rebelled. We have been told that authors who do not fit into pigeon holes are hard to find on the virtual book shelf. But you found us, and we hope you join our fans.

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We live in Hollywood, but we don’t spend much time in the wonderful California sunshine. Instead we are maniacs who sit in front of our computer screens, weaving tales we hope you will enjoy.

E-mail: read@fictionbyphoenix.com
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