We write Speculative Fiction with a light touch, enough to make you wonder “Why Not?” 

Get your mind starting to wonder with a Leon’s Lair.

Cover for Leon's Lair


What would you do if your vacation cruise ship was attacked and you knew you were going to be killed?

Would you fight? Would you hide? Would you try to escape?

This international thriller/contemporary fantasy is a nail-biting ride that is grisly but somewhat tongue-in-cheek, a brutal tale of horror and the occult that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

It includes romance, continental adventure, action, suspense, and dozens of vivid characters from around the world.

The adventure starts with The Jakarta, an elegant cruise ship sailing the exotic seas in Indonesia with a passenger list of ninety, unsuspecting people. Jane and her best friend, Remy, are just getting know the rest of the small group of young twenty-somethings when the ship is attacked by pirates. However, Leon and his band are not your usual pirates – they want something else.

Jane and two male companions escape the horror, fleeing in a lifeboat. In their flight to escape Leon and his men, they become lost at sea for weeks, are out of water, and have nearly lost hope of ever finding rescue when they finally catch sight of land, a dangerous rain-forested island that seems deserted. However, their fight for survival has only just begun.

˃˃˃ They are not alone.

˃˃˃ Fate is cruel.

˃˃˃ They thought they had escaped, only to find they are caught in Leon’s Lair.


“A Great Read – This is a fun, lighthearted read.”

“A Paranormal Thrill Ride! If you are looking for an adventure in the palm of your hand this book is a MUST read.”

“I’m no fan of vampire stories but I got sunk deep into the flow and frankly couldn’t put the book down.”

“This didn’t take long to read and it actually kept me up “past my bedtime” several nights because I wanted to discover what would happen next. I love stories like that. I was actually sad to have the book end.”

“This story is packed and I really mean packed with thrills, twists and layers.”

“You will get very attached to the characters and feel their ups and downs, to the point I even had sympathy for the villain! I really hope they intend to have more adventures with these characters because I am just not ready to let them go!”

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